Video: John Gallagher on an Englishman who helped revive Detroit's entrepreneurial spirit

August 12, 2021, 6:48 AM

The Craig Fahle Show's guest is former Detroit Free Press reporter John Gallagher, author of a new book on Randall Charlton, a so-called "serial entrepreneur" who 21 years ago started Asterand in Detroit. Its unlikely biotech success story came while the city was reeling with economic problems. 

After taking Asterand, a human tissue specialist, public, Charlton went on to lead TechTown at Wayne State University to help other budding businesses find their way in the city.

Gallagher's book, "The Englishman and Detroit: A British Entrepreneur Helps Restore a City's Confidence," chronicles Charlton's influence and methods that have helped revive an entrepreneurial spirit in a community long dominated by the ups and downs of the auto industry.  

The paperback is at local bookstores and on Amazon.

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