Video: A Royal Oak Salon Turns 20, Sees Downtown Go from Mohawks to Baby Strollers

August 26, 2021, 11:36 PM

Owners Alex Lekocaj and Emilio Giglio

In the past 20 years, downtown Royal Oak has seen a lot of businesses come and go. A quaint wine shop on Main Street, Hermann's Bakery, Barnes & Noble, Mr. B's, Gayle's Chocolates, the Main Art Theatre and Andiamo Trattoria are just some that have closed.  

But Alex Emilio Salon, a hair shop for men and women on Main Street, has been in business since August 2001 and celebrates the 20th anniversary this month. (In 2018, it opened a second shop in Birmingham.)

Deadline TV sat down with owners Alex Lekocaj, 44, and Emilio Giglio, 47, to talk about the business, how they got started and changes they've seen in downtown Royal Oak.

"We traded the mohawk for the strollers," says Lekocaj, talking about the changed downtown landscape. 

Watch the interview below. 

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