Gallery: $2.3-Million 'castle' for sale in Oakland is ready for Medieval-style parties

September 09, 2021, 8:19 AM by  Alan Stamm

This bedroom appears camera-ready for bordello scene action. (Photos: Lux Global Partners)

This spread might not stand out in L.A. or Edinburgh, but makes quite a splash off Dutton Road in Rochester.

It went on sale this week for a dollar under $2.3 million and is described as a "Medieval castle on six acres, surrounded by a wrought iron fence and two gated towers."

This is billed as a Tudor-style basement pub.

The listing categorizes the architectual style as "other" (as in other worldly?)

It has five bedrooms, five baths and nearly 10,800 square feet of lushly decorated space full of wood, stone, heavy fabrics, wrought iron hardware and a nude carving. 

It was built in 1990 "with 60 tons of steel, ... utilizing artisans from all over the world," Lux Global Partners of Grosse Pointe Farms says. "The castle is 60 feet tall, or taller than a four-story building. It features a moat, waterfall, drawbridge, portcullis (movable entry grate), 26 rooms, elevator, five fireplaces, ... secret rooms, hidden doors, hidden passageways, hidden staircase, wine cellar, Tudor style pub and a few more surprises."

The décor, as you see, is a mash-up of DIA Great Hall, Vegas wedding chapel and Game of Thrones set.

We have questions, besides the obvious one of "why?"

  1. What would dinner guests wear, assuming it's not Halloween?

  2. Would you be comfortable staying overnight?

Not a typical Rochester home entry.

At Reddit's Detroit forum, wisecracks fly. A sampling:

  • One side of me feels like this is stupidly tacky. Another side of me wants to host Dungeons and Dragons nights here.

  • Could be the set for the new "Knives Out!"

  • Just thinking about cleaning that makes my wrists hurt.

Below are some of the two dozen-plus property shots from Lux Global Partners, which has more here.

Welcome to Oakland's version of a private Disneyland.

Parties won't be crowded in the banquet hall-like living room.

Entry hall has a medieval vibe.

Master bedroom fit for a sultan.

The basement . . . for those who dare descend.

Museum or mansion?

We've been using "great room" all wrong, clearly.
Rear façade also is grand.


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