VH1 Video: What it's Like Growing Up Black in Detroit

October 27, 2021, 9:43 PM

Brea Stinson and Sheefy McFly

VH1’s series “Growing Up Black” talks to poets, artists and business owners about how being daughters and sons of Detroit shapes them. 

"I feel like I got the total Black experience here because there's nothing but Black people here," says Tashif Turner, aka "Sheefy McFly," a noted muralist, rapper and designer "Detroit feel like my Africa." 

"I feel like in Detroit creativity is our best export, not cars." 

Brea Stinson, a Los Angeles costume designer and wardrobe stylist, says: "Detroit is ghetto fabulous, period. It's very much a blue-collar town, but the streets are real. Trappin' is real. Drug dealin' is real. The hair game is real. It's the glitz and the glam and like the gutter all together."

She links to the half-hour video on Facebook, saying: "So proud to rep my city. It made me!"


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