Hudson's Site Skyscraper in Detroit Expected to Take Total of 7 Years

January 11, 2022, 10:40 AM

Hudson's site (Photo: Deadline Detroit photo)

Billionaire Dan Gilbert launched his ambitious Hudson's skyrscraper project in downtown Detroit in 2017. Since then, progress has been slower than expected and the grandness has been scaled back.   

Candice Williams and Jordyn Grzelewski of The Detroit News report:

The overall project is expected to be complete in 2024, and as a potentially transformational project along Detroit’s skyline, it’s drawn the attention of some wondering why the project hasn’t progressed as fast as other high-rise construction projects in places such as Chicago.

The property along Woodward Avenue has been dealing with several issues, including the old foundation, the COVID-19 pandemic and a chronic skilled-trade labor shortage. The Hudson's site is among a dozen or so projects underway in Detroit.

“Taking into consideration the pandemic situation, it’s not a surprise to me that it’s [still] under construction,” said H. Sally Xie, professor of construction management at Illinois State University. “For this size of building, taking seven years, it’s a little bit long, but ... this is within the construction duration of a skyscraper.”

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